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Women`s blouse

CHF30.00 CHF15.00

  • 19 measurements
  • Perfect fit in every size
  • Complete video sewing instructions
  • Make a different blouse for every occasion

Download the Measurements list for women’s blouse.

Custom features

We draft this sewing pattern for women`s blouse using nineteen of your body measurements. They will be used to customise:

  • The perfect bust dart
  • Customised armhole, sleeve length and cuff size
  • Neck size
  • Blouse length
  • Flare based on your hip size

You can choose between a standard and forward shoulder. About 60% of people today have forward shoulders because of extensive computer and smartphone use. If you are one of them, make sure to check that box!


This blouse is loosely fitted and has a bust and a back shoulder dart. Design features of this women`s blouse are:

  • A curved hem
  • Cuffs with plackets
  • Standard collar
  • Depending on the size of the hips, this shirt will be slightly flared or straight.
  • French seams on shoulders
  • Flat fell side seams
Video sewing instructions

You will get access to the Video sewing instructions. The video sewing tutorials enable you stress-free sewing no matter if you are an experienced sewist or just a beginner. You can also use them to teach yourself a new technique. The videos include:

  • Interfacing
  • Finishing the fronts
  • Sewing the collar and collar stand
  • Sewing the cuffs and plackets
  • Stitching the darts
  • Easing and inserting a sleeve
  • French seams
  • Flat fell seams
PDF Format

36" roll for a plotter, A4 for at-home printing


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