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Pleated skirt

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  • 4 measurements
  • perfect fit in all sizes
  • no size restrictions
  • complete video sewing instructions
Custom features

This sewing pattern for a skirt includes the following customisations:

  • Custom waist hight (choose your waistline)
  • Waist shaping
  • Pleat depth based on the hip circumference makes it possible that the number of pleats always stays the same, no matter the size (6 pleats at the front and six at the back), but they will never overlap on the inside preventing unnecessary bulk.
  • Length

If you didn`t have uniforms at your school, then a pleated skirt is probably on your wish list. Six pleats at the front and six at the back is the number that always looks the best. The design features of this skirt sewing pattern are:

  • Couture style waistband
  • Overlapping centre back closure
  • Waist shaping
  • A constant amount of pleats with all sizes
Video sewing instructions

We will give you access to the Video sewing instructions. The video sewing tutorials enable you stress-free sewing no matter if you are an experienced sewist or just a beginner. You can also use them to teach yourself a new technique. The videos include:

  • Tailors tacks
  • Couture style waistband
  • Stitching the overlapping centre back closure
  • Pressing the pleats
PDF format

A4/letter for at-home printer, 36" for plotter


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