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  • Seams and darts are trued
  • Seam allowances included
  • Delivery in maximum of two working days (the process is not fully automated)

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High waisted




How to make luxury blackout drapery:


Made to measure sewing pattern women`s trousers measurements picture

Measure for success

  • If you use sewing patterns, then you know that they almost never fit well.  You probably always need to make some changes to make the garment fit properly. This is because the industry is pretending that we are all the same. But we’re not.


Made to measure sewing patterns are a solution that works and not a myth! If you take your time to take your measurements at all the right places and let a sewing pattern be made specially just for you, you actually save a lot of time on fitting and alterations. It’s the smart way to sew.


  • Because we are all very different, many measurements are needed to get a good fit. Having to take so many measurements can be daunting at first. There is a good reason why tailor shops used to have somebody who specialised just in taking measurements. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. You either do it, or you don`t. That`s why made to measure sewing patterns are appealing to people who already went through the troubles of not fitting into a certain size.

I developed online sewing instructions with very short video clips, showing every step of the sewing process. After ordering a sewing pattern, you can either watch all or just some or none depending on what your needs are. 

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Finishing the waist facing

Women`s high waisted trousers

creating a Couture waistband

Pleated skirt

” We use anywhere from 4 to 19 measurements for a single made to measure sewing pattern. This way we achieve an extremely accurate fit, which drastically minimises the need for adjustments, increases wear comfort and personal satisfaction.

With every sewing pattern, I prepared video sewing instructions, so that sewing can be straightforward and fun for anyone.”

Creator of made to measure sewing patterns